Let's eat

What you eat, and how much, is so important for your health and your waistline.

It can feel tricky to make sure we eat enough fruit and veg – don't forget your 5 A Day to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

Up & Active Eat Well, Keep Well programme...

This programme is suitable for anyone who wants to learn and understand about the food and how to develop a healthier relationship with it. As a commissioned programme there are some eligibility criteria to access this free programme. Please note that the Eat Well, Live Well is an educational programme and there is no physical activity involved in this programme.

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Ways to cut down

Get the right balance

It can feel tricky to make sure we eat enough fruit and veg – don't forget your 5 A Day. The interactive Eatwell Guide shows how much of what we eat should come from each food group to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

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Shelve sugar

Most of us could do with eating less sugar, especially added sugar (extra sugar added by manufacturers or you at home). Cut down by watching out for sugar when you shop and start making some smart swaps.

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Eat less salt

Try simple ways to cut down on salt. Most of the salt we have is already in the foods we buy. Don't add salt to your food automatically – taste it first, it probably already tastes good! Shop for low-salt or reduced-salt foods, and watch out for salt by checking the labels.

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Easy Meals
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Our free Easy Meals app is a great way to eat foods that are healthier for you. Search recipes by meal time and create shopping lists.

  • Search over 150 easy, calorie counted recipes across breakfast, lunch, evening meals and puddings
  • Find delicious meal ideas using our simple Meal Mixer
  • Save your favourite recipes to access later
  • Keep track of what you need with the handy shopping list, save or email ingredients to make your shopping easier
  • Learn more about being food smart and making healthier choices
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